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Why is membership required?
You must have an account on www.modernizmir.net in order to access the Customer Panel that we have prepared in order to purchase products from our site and manage the products you purchase 7 days 24 hours.
In addition, we send you the latest announcements and product updates about our products and www.modernizmir.net via SMS to your e-mail address or mobile phone you specified during membership.

General Membership Agreement
1-) Your information is definitely not shared with third parties,
2-) Membership information must be given accurately with certainty,
3-) Our company reserves the right to cancel your membership,
4-) Memberships that do not reflect the truth are canceled,
5-) Only one membership can be opened with each e-mail address,
6-) The memberships cannot be deleted for 5 years as of the period in which no entry is made due to the obligation of keeping the log records,
7-) You agree to receive all kinds of advertisement, warning, warning and information SMS and e-mails sent by us,
8-) All the agreements on the "Usage Agreement" page are accepted as soon as they become a member.
9-) Upon suspicion of opening membership with false or irrelevant identity information, member entry is prevented and identity is requested.

** If you become a member, you accept and agree to all of the above.