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We are coming to be the leader of the sector with our corporate power.
Modern Cloud Hosting & Server Solutions Kristov Software - Modern Izmir Software As our company, we have entered the sector in 2010.

Our company was founded in Bulgaria in 2010 and has been providing software and cloud solutions to the Bulgarian and European markets. In 2014, it has developed its infrastructure in hosting, domain name and server services. then through Bulgaria until 2018. During this period, Turkey has continued to provide services to the European and Middle East markets. In 2018 Turkey / Bursa in Turkey who founded the modern office Kristov Software Cloud Hosting services in Turkey - Izmir Software continues its modern name.

With our strong infrastructure and experience 9 Year Germany / Bulgaria / Turkey vermekteyiz.al the name of our international services infrastructure with redundant servers located on our thanks to the partnership while we manage your domain name with ICANN Accreditation.

Our Mission
Since 2010, we have succeeded in developing ourselves with our corporate customers and entering the international market. Our company, which hosts thousands of sites, provides and provides support to our customers in 7/24, 4 Languages ​​(Turkish / English / German / Bulgarian). In this way, we are able to provide instant support services to our customers and respond to the problems immediately and we are able to make our customers happy.

Our goal is to create a customer group who are pleased with us and are happy to work with us. We provide support and assistance to our customers in every way. We are working as we want to be, not just as we are, so we provide the best service to our 1000+ More Corporate & Individual customers.