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Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

Get your domain name right now at affordable prices.
Domain Name Registration
Alan adınızı şimdi kaydettirin projeleriniz yarım kalmasın
.biz €22,91
.net €18,12
.org €18,12
.co €34,65
.pro €25,30
Get your domain name with only €17,65
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Whois Management

You can easily and quickly change the whois information for your domain via your domain panel.

DNS Management

You can define your domain name server (dns) information online through your domain panel.

Name Server Management

You can provide the Name server creation and editing process online via the control Panel.

Whois Protection

You can quickly and easily hide whois information through your domain panel.

Domain Name Renovation

You can easily renew the domain name registration time via your control panel.

Domain Name Transfer

You can transfer your domain names from a different company to our company. You can also transfer your domain names from our company to a different company online.

Domain Name Registration and Renewal Prices

TLDs Registration Renewal Transfer
.com €17,65 €17,65 €17,65
.net €18,12 €18,12 €18,12
.org €18,12 €18,12 €18,12
.info €25,30 €25,30 €25,30
.biz €22,91 €22,91 €22,91
.co €34,65 €34,65 €34,65
.in €11,93 €11,93 €11,93
.site €24,10 €24,10 €26,14
.mobi €32,47 €32,47 €32,47
.top €8,56 €8,56 €8,56
.name €10,95 €10,95 €10,95
.host €25,30 €25,30 €83,76
.pro €25,30 €25,30 €25,30
.tv €38,23 €38,23 €38,23
.club €19,32 €19,32 €19,32
.de €10,74 €10,74 €6,81
.us €12,53 €12,53 €12,53
.ru €14,53 €14,53 €14,53
.es €25,08 €9,08 €0,70
.me €25,08 €25,08 €25,08
.bz €450,44 €450,44 €450,44
.ca €225,46 €225,46 €225,46
.cc €173,54 €173,54 €173,54
.cn €130,27 €130,27 €130,27
.la €554,27 €554,27 €554,27
.store €865,79 €865,79 €865,79
.ist €5,97 €5,97 €5,97
.market €450,44 €450,44 €450,44
.world €467,74 €467,74 €467,74
.xyz €11,81 €11,81 €11,81
.tv €554,27 €554,27 €554,27
.com.tr €4,99 €4,99 €4,99
.nl €9,41 €9,41 €9,41
.com.tr €1,22 €1,22 €1,22

Frequently Asked Questions

Which domain TLD should I choose.

The most common domain name tlds used in the world are com, net, and org. However, registering only the .com tld for the domain name you wish to register the domain may create an inconvenient situation for your brand or website in the future. Anyone else can register and use tlds you have not registered, even if this is not intentional, it may be uncomfortable for your brand.

Domain Name registration. What is it?

Before you can own a website, you must first register a domain name. You can think of the Domain Name Registration process as a trademarked service. The registration service ensures that the domain name for which you have acquired the rights for a particular period is registered for the duration of use and is not used by different persons.

Do you provide a control panel for domain management?

Of course, you can perform all the operations related to domain services using the management system in your customer's panel.

How long does a domain name registration process take?

Payments you make with your credit card will instantly confirm your order. Bank transfer orders are confirmed on weekdays (Monday 09:00 - Friday 17:30) by checking our bank accounts within working hours.

Do you send information about the end of the registration period of your domain name?

When your domain name is close to the end of the registration period, we send reminders by sms and e-mail.

What if I can not renew the end time?

After the date of registration of your domain name ends, it enters the renewal and recovery period respectively. If you have not made any renewal / rescue for your domain during these periods, your rights over the domain name will be lost and can be registered by the 3rd party of your domain name.

Whois Can I hide my information?

By default, access to Whois information is turned on. Dilersen can hide from your domain panel after ordering.

Can I hide my whois information?

Whois information is open to access by default. If you wish you can hide it on your domain panel after ordering.